Why do I need a membership with USA Wrestling?

USA Wrestling is the olympic and national governing body of wrestling in the USA.  In order to make a World or Olympic team, a USA Wrestling membership is required.  Your membership helps support all programs, events, and World/Olympic teams of USA Wrestling.

A USA Wrestling membership also covers the facility, our chartered club, and your athlete for liability.

It also acts as a secondary insurance in case of any injury on your way to, during, or on your way home from any wrestling practice or event.  Click here to make a claim with USA Wrestling.

The Hawaii Wrestling Academy is a chartered club of USA Wrestling, thus every member is required to have one in order for our charter to be in good standing.

Most club tournaments on the islands require a USA Wrestling membership to enter.

Membership is $45 for the year.

For more information on the benefits of having a USA Wrestling membership click here.